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Trinity Teen Solutions is a short-term all-girl adolescent Christian/Catholic Residential Treatment Center that specializes in treating mental health and co-occurring disorders in troubled teen girls ages 12-17.  Our licensed program is usually covered by insurance.

therapeutic boarding schoolTrinity Teen Solutions is located at a sprawling ranch in Wyoming, surrounded by majestic mountains. Our residential treatment center is full of scenes of extraordinary beauty and awe. Because our facility is the perfect place to get some perspective and awaken to God’s wonders, our residents come from all over the country.

Trinity Teen Solutions utilizes state of the art, evidence-based therapeutic techniques that have been proven and are widely accepted in the industry to be effective for treating adolescent girls. Some examples of the evidenced based therapies utilized in our therapy sessions are; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), and Seeking Safety which is a specific program for treating trauma and substance abuse in adolescent women.

Your daughter will participate in individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, under the supervision of a licensed professional counselor on a daily basis. She will also be seen by a psychiatrist for medication management on a weekly basis. By combining evidence based therapy in a Christian environment your daughter will be challenged to develop a new perspective on her life. Her healing begins when she is able to forgive herself and others, is able to recognize how precious and unique she is, sees and respects the value of her own life, and begins loving herself the way Christ loves her.

therapy for girlsUnlike other residential treatment centers, Trinity Teen Solutions is a small-all-girl, family centered atmosphere, complete with 24/7 supervision by highly qualified and trained staff. This small, loving environment provides a safe place for your daughter to rapidly build trust, feel comfortable about opening up about her issues, and begin the process of healing and overcoming her behavioral issues. She will develop and practice new coping skills so upon her discharge she will feel comfortable using the new tools she has acquired.

Our treatment approach includes a holistic approach to care for the body, mind, and soul. While the days are busy with tasks and counseling, we make it a primary focus to provide time for personal reflection and study. We encourage girls to study God’s words in the Bible and meditate on their blessings and relationship with God. We believe that when girls learn to turn their troubles, worries, and challenges over to God, they are able to be truly healed, and empowered to make positive change in their lives.

With a 1:5 staff-to-patient ratio, we are uniquely qualified and specialized in treating adolescent girls’ issues, such as:

therapy for girls

  • Trauma
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression
  • Self-harm
  • Apathy
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Impulsivity
  • Anxiety
  • Attention seeking
  • Manipulative behaviors

Our treatment program restores families through life-changing therapy and activities…not through patients hanging out with peers in treatment and learning more negative behaviors. Our goal is to protect each girl from the negative influences of other mental health patients that are participating in our program. Patients’ safety, security, and treatment is protected through intense 24-hour supervision and monitoring by a highly trained and specialized staff. We protect patients from “taking on” other patients’ behaviors and issues and therefore not “muddying the waters” of the patient’s mental health picture and treatment.

Academic Options While in Residential Treatment

therapeutic boarding schoolMany parents wonder how to continue their daughter’s academic education while enrolling them in our residential program. There are three major options that families usually utilize in order to help their daughter stay abreast of her studies during this important growing experience.

Option 1: Free Online Academic Programs

Option 2: Continue Current Academic Program/School Remotely

Option 3: Enroll in the Curriculum Offered by Our Residential Program

We specialize in treating trauma, PTSD and survivors of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

teen therapyTrauma is a challenge that’s often misunderstood. While most of the time, trauma refers to physical or sexual abuse, it can also apply to grief, severe illness, natural disasters, or even witnessed violence. In any case, trauma is an experience that prompts overwhelming feelings of helplessness and fear in an individual. Sometimes, trauma is a repeated event that becomes a pattern in someone’s life. Trauma triggers reactions of traumatic stress, or even PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). While trauma can have far-reaching effects on someone’s life, it’s important to know that it’s very possible to fully recover from the effects of trauma. Often, survivors of trauma are able to gain peace and understanding which enables them to be a force for good, and a blessing to everyone they interact with.

What effects can trauma have?

Symptoms of trauma include vivid flashbacks wherein the individual is mentally trapped back in the situation that prompted the distress. Sometimes these flashbacks occur while the individual is awake, and they’re triggered by smells, sounds, or sights that remind them of the traumatic memory.

Other times, flashbacks are dreams, and this interruption to sleep can lead to insomnia, stress, and depression. Other side effects of trauma include an avoidance of things that could possibly prompt flashbacks. This often leads to major changes in behavior and a tendency to numb emotional reactions. Trauma can also cause an individual to be in a constant state of hyperarousal. Individuals who have experienced trauma may seem anxious, distracted, over-sensitive, and easily startled.

Studies have shown that about half of children and teens who experience trauma develop a substance abuse disorder at some point in their lives. Often, this is because they turn to certain substances to self-medicate and treat symptoms of trauma. Productive counseling that helps youth properly process trauma can prevent addiction and arm teens with the tools they need in order to overcome trauma and break harmful patterns that reinforce the harmful side effects of trauma.

How is trauma treated?

One of the most common and effective methods of treatment for trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR. EMDR is an approach that includes many aspects of counseling, with a three-pronged goal to give patients immediate solutions for dealing with the past, managing current behaviors and reactions to triggers, and planning for the future. EMDR’s key strategy is to understand and counter harmful patterns of behavior and thought that trauma can induce, like feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or a lack of control. EMDR also monitors physical reactions like eye movements in order to resolve memories, revisiting them and changing the internal narrative of those events in order to find strength and meaning instead of terror and helplessness. For example, a survivor’s perspective towards an event of sexual abuse may transform from guilt and self-disgust into “I am strong enough to survive this.”

We find that incorporating our unique Christian perspective during EMDR can greatly assist in enabling girls to gain peace and healing after experiencing trauma. Of course, proper treatment of trauma includes a personalized and multi-faceted approach, working with the patient to resolve the memories without betraying comfort or trust. Here at Trinity Teen, we have experience with trauma counseling. We understand that it can be a hard process, but we pride ourselves on creating a safe space where girls can come to terms with their past and turn it instead into a strength that can build their compassion, self worth, and relationship with God.

trauma therapy

We Offer Residential Help for Teenage Girls Struggling with Behavioral Health Issues

The primary goal of our adolescent residential treatment facility is to heal and restore your troubled child. While living in a God-centered environment, we aim to equip your daughter to overcome her challenges and prosper throughout the rest of her life. However, we’ve seen the massive toll families bear while living with and finding help for troubled teens. It’s not just your child that can use assistance. For this reason, we don’t stop at treating your daughter. We work tirelessly to reunite your entire family, so you can enjoy the miracle of healing our Father so graciously makes available.

Our small, all-girl, Christian residential treatment facility gives girls the space and time they need in order to reach true healing, and our experienced counselors can help girls build the internal resources that will continue to strengthen and bless them when they return home.


I could have never asked for such a great gift, going to Trinity was the chance of a lifetime. At 17 years old, I was on the brink of destruction. Anything you could think of, I was most likely doing it. Girls come from all over the U.S. to have a fresh start at life, and I was just one of the lucky ones. I consider myself, my own worst enemy; I put myself in situations that most girls my age are in right now. While it was a long journey I learned a lot and gained more insights than I thought possible.

I was one of the popular girls, I had all of the right clothes, friends, boys, I had the newest car and all the money. Everyone wanted something to do with me at one point or another. I thought I had everything too, friends, love and money. I didn’t need anything else, I was equipped with everything I needed. My life fell apart piece by piece, but luckily, I was plucked out of the hands of sin and wrong and placed gently into the hands of Christ. While I was submerged in deep waters, I slowly began to resurface and make a new me. My life was a mess and I admit it took me a while to trust anyone, but with the help of a wicked awesome staff I learned the good things about life.

I was given the chance to start fresh, forgive myself and others, and live a healthy life. I have gained more insights and learned a lot of things I didn’t know along the way, both about me and the world. While I might not always enjoyed it, I know that it is what was best for me and I know that through a hard journey comes healing and growth. I can honestly say that I am thankful for Trinity Teen Solutions.

-A.E. Sorrento, FL

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