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North Carolina Therapeutic Boarding Schools

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services operates the Division of Health Service Regulation, which uses the Mental Health Licensure & Certification Section to license and regulate 24-hour residential programs in the state.

Accreditation is optional for private schools in North Carolina and are not subject to rules and regulations established by the North Carolina Department of Education except for fire, safety, sanitation and immunization standards. Private schools in North Carolina are not required to hire certified teachers and there are no curriculum requirements. North Carolina private schools are required to administer national standardized tests in certain grades and test results must be made available.

Reference: http://www2.ed.gov

Should you need help finding programs for troubled teens, Christian boarding schools, boarding schools for troubled children or therapeutic schools near me, please let us know. Teens we treat who are misbehaving could be struggling with mental or emotional issues like depression, ADHD, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or an anxiety disorder such as post-traumatic stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Traditional schools are not set up to deal with these issues, so an alternative school like must be found. Whether your son or daughter has turned to drug abuse, is suffering from depression or an eating disorder, or is struggling from another behavioral issue, a boarding school offers the essential structured, academic program necessary for self discovery and healing, including character therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs or emotional growth schools. boarding school that serves troubled teenage boys and girls from the northeast, including: New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland and Connecticut.

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