Location: Burnt Hills New York

The Charlton School is a therapeutic learning community for girls, ages 12-18, l...

Location: Jamaica Estates New York

Since 1968, The Summit School has been giving children with learning and adjustm...

Location: Yonkers New York

SAIL at Ferncliff Manor provides quality, innovative educational programming for...

Location: Norwich New York

Harmony Heights is a therapeutic residential and day school serving girls with e...

Location: Schenectady New York

From the child struggling in school with a complex learning disability; to the a...

Location: Oneonta New York

Springbrook is a place where learning never ends, challenges are conquered and d...

Location: Upper Nyack New York

At Summit School at Nyack, we believe every day is a fresh opportunity to start ...

Location: Red Hook New York

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health New York provides a wide range of educationa...

Location: Monticello New York

Our school program educates children ages 5-18 with complex disabilities includi...

New York Therapeutic Boarding Schools

There are no requirements for Accreditation and Registration is optional with the Board of Regents. Only competent teachers may instruct students, but a certification is not specifically required.  The curriculum of private schools must be equivalent to the instruction given at public schools, including English, Geography, U.S. History, Civics, Hygiene, Physical Training, American history, as well as instruction discouraging the misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Private school authorities may require students be tested for drugs, including urine analysis. This is subject to written consent of the parents. Private facilities must train their pupils in safety drills and fire drills must be held at least 12 times a year using different exit methods and times of the day. An administrator failing to comply with this provision is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Private facilities are allowed the same health and welfare facilities that are available to public schools. This includes dental and physician services, dental hygienist, school psychologist, nurse, social worker and speech therapist. 

Reference: http://www2.ed.gov

Many schools we feature are authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. school

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Should you need help finding therapeutic schools, boarding schools, private therapeutic schools, teen counseling services, boys boarding schools or schools for troubled teens, please let us know. These troubled teen schools, sometimes called reform schools, wilderness schools, or emotional growth schools, combine therapy with academics to help kids get back on track. This site includes a list of the best troubled teen boarding schools including a list of the best therapeutic boarding schools. Boarding schools for troubled teens are located all over the country and combine individualized therapy, social activities, and academics Most therapeutic boarding schools are separated by gender, so that both troubled boys and struggling girls each get the specific help needed. The troubled teens typically live in a group home that resembles a dorm and each resident has a set of responsibilities and chores to accomplish. Academic and therapeutic activities are top priority and take up the majority of the day in these schools for troubled teens. The integration of a new location, academic support, therapy sessions, group living, and recreational activities help troubled and struggling teens overcome their challenges, and get back on the right track for a bright future.

Troubled Teen Schools in New York

Therapeutic schools for troubled teenagers in New York, listed in the troubledteenschools.us directory.