troubled teenA Therapeutic Boarding School Can Be a Lifeline for At-Risk Teenagers

Each school seeks to help each young person find and reach their life potential. They help the young people get free of damaging addictions or self-destructive behavior and learn the value of a positive work ethic. They help the young people recover from the hurt of a traumatic past and learn to trust again.  Moreover, they help young people learn to value education and pursue a better plan for their lives.

Students at each Troubled Teen Academy are surrounded by a caring staff and given incentive for change. Increasing rewards and responsibilities are given as they make progress in the program. It is our goal that every young person that comes to a Troubled Teen Academy leaves it possessing the tools to rebuild family relationships and build a healthy future.  Students are taught responsibility; they will learn teamwork through sports and work. They gain character through the application of character principles in everything they do. And through it all, they will enjoy themselves and get to be kids without the burdens of their past troubles.

The Top 10 Signs Your Teen Needs A TROUBLED TEEN Program

  • Failing grades/ change in academic effort
  • Disrespect in the home
  • Secretive behaviors/ social withdrawal
  • Signs of drug experimentation and use
  • Associating with people who are in trouble or are bad influences
  • Neglecting self (i.e. hygiene) or harming self (i.e. cutting, eating disorder)
  • Difficulty dealing with trauma (i.e. neglect, abuse, etc)
  • Trouble with the law
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Depressive behavior/ Hopelessness/ Talk of suicide

Steps to Enrolling Your Child

In order to begin the intake process, you may either call our intake counselors at 888-940-6278 or submit the online contact form.  We will be sure to contact you promptly and discuss your situation.

Once you make initial contact with us, we will help you find an appropriate school. After gathering some initial information, either through a phone call or the online form, we will determine whether or not your teenager is a good potential candidate for a troubled teen academy.

Typically, domestic students can be enrolled quite quickly. International students require time for the processing of student visa paperwork. Certain medical issues may require a longer wait period for proper review of the application.

Please contact us with any questions about any school or the application process.

Many schools we feature are authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. school
best therapeutic schools

Should you need help finding therapeutic boarding schools, therapeutic boys ranches, Christian boarding schools or boarding schools, please let us know. Teens we treat who are misbehaving could be struggling with mental or emotional issues like depression, ADHD, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or an anxiety disorder such as post-traumatic stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Traditional schools are not set up to deal with these issues, so an alternative school like must be found. Whether your son or daughter has turned to drug abuse, is suffering from depression or an eating disorder, or is struggling from another behavioral issue, a boarding school offers the essential structured, academic program necessary for self discovery and healing, including character therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs or emotional growth schools. boarding school that serves troubled teenage boys and girls from the northeast, including: New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland and Connecticut.

About Troubled Teen Academies – Boarding Schools for Troubled Teenagers

Troubled teen academies can be a lifeline for at-risk teenagers, helping young people who are struggling with the ability to find and reach their life potential